Dec 17, 2010

Face/ Hair of the day ♥

SO I have a face/ hair of the day for you guys :) Yes, I know my face looks swollen but it is because I am 37 weeks preggers now and having a c-section less than 2 weeks! AND yes my pictures suck because I currently do not have a camera, just my BB camera so excuse the pics. ANYWAYS... today I decided to do kinda like a holiday look. It's a maroon-ish, gold-ish look.
I'm using all E.l.f. shadows on my eyes, with E.l.f. eye shadow primer
Cheeks: E.l.f. Contouring Blush & Bronzer
Lips: Wet n Wild Mega Last lipstick in pink suga
& Bonnebell Lip Lites in Carmel Latte
Lashes: ebay lashes!

This is on of E.l.f.'s eye shadow palette's. I used #1 all over my eyelid, the #2 in my crease brought half way up my brow bone...

Next I used E.l.f.'s 32 piece eye shadow palette. I put #3 all into my crease, #4 into the outer V, and #5 under my brow as a highlight.

Then I applied cream, black eye liner, mascara, and these lashes I reviewed a while ago from Hong Kong...


For my hair I first used Garnier Fructis sleek & shine hair serum
and spiral curled my hair in one direction using Aussie's volume hair spray as I curled.
I took out my 18" extensions because now I FINALLY feel comfortable with my hair length after growing it for about 5 years! (my hair grows soooo slow)

Well I hope you enjoyed :)

♥ -Shayla

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