Dec 20, 2010

Bad Hair Day???

I believe that EVERYONE can have a bad hair day. I have had so many it's ridiculous... sooo therefore I want to share with you guys some little tips and tricks that I use and read about to help those bad days turn into good ones :)

I think one of the main reasons why people have bad hair days is because... their hair isn't washed!
Because I have frizzy, curly hair, I can only wash my hair so much in one week (about 2-3 times a week) It sounds gross but it works best for me! Otherwise i'm walkin around with Willy Wonka hair...

What I do when my roots are not lookin so clean:
  • Baby Powder! -baby powder helps soak up unwanted oils in your hair, but won't completely strip out all the good ones your hair needs. What I do is apply a small amount to a brush and brush it through the roots. Another plus is that it gives you a little bit of volume. A celeb I read about that uses this trick is Rihanna!
  • Avoid using too much of a product at the roots that will make your hair look greasy such as serums and leave in conditioners.
  • Use a dry shampoo--- I have not used dry shampoo before but definitely want to give it a try. What it does is cleans your hair up; like takes out excess oils, gives your hair some volume, helps your color last long, and can also help a blowout last 3 times longer! Here are some from Sally's...
  • and lastly... just wash your hair, if you can handle washing your hair more than 3 times a week, please do so :D♥
Other things that can cause bad hair!
  • Not having your split ends trimmed- as you may know, this can make your hair look frizzy and dry. Make sure you get your hair trimmed regularly for beautiful healthy hair.
  • No time for a trim? Use a small amount of Vaseline at the ends to help calm down hair.
  • Use a wide comb to untangle hair.
  • Too much heat! Give your hair a break every once in a while :)
  • Dry, frizzy hair? A leave in conditioner may be necessary.
♥How to style♥
If I am having a bad hair day, I lean more towards an up-do to hide everything. Usually something with a braid, head band or even a cute hat. Here is one I recently did.
I also found a few pics of cute hair styles to hide a bad hair day...

Well I hope this helped :)

♥ -Shayla

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