Mar 23, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor 1932-2011

This morning I read Elizabeth Taylor died of congestive heart failure on March 23, 2011. It makes me sad because another legend has died. 
Here are some of my favorite pictures of her.

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EOTD: Golden Sunset

Mar 21, 2011


Sorry everyone on the lack of posting! It's been about 2 weeks, in blogger time that's like 2 months lol. I just can't stress enough on how much time I DON'T have for my blog right now :( I am actually typing this post after I just put my kids in bed. On top of that my son and I are sick so it's a bit hard to keep up with normal, every day tasks. I am personally starting to feel better, but my son is still the same. So hopefully things will get back on track so I can start posting! I just want to say thanks to all my new followers! It's nice to know people are interested in my blog, and to the old followers for still being interested in my blog lol. I'm hoping I can get my 100 followers giveaway going here soon! BUT please forgive me and give me some time! 

Thanks everyone!!!

Mar 8, 2011

Review: Hard Candy Glamoflauge-Heavy Duty Concealer

K so first I just want to say, I am a mom who has gotten really dark circles under my eyes after having my kids. I am constantly looking for a good concealer to cover them up! I have heard WAY to many good things about Hard Candy Glamoflauge-Heavy Duty Concealer so I had to try it myself. I bought it in light 312. It comes in a 0.71 oz tube and also included a concealer "pen" pencil for $6.00 at Wal-Mart. 
.As you can see I used a small amount to cover my whole wrist and somewhat into my hand and arm.

Here's the pencil.

Now for the eyes, it's like seriously night and day! : O

MY opinion on the product: I love it! I do not buy department store makeup, but this is seriously the best concealer I have used so far out of all the drug store makeup brands. It had great coverage, comes in decent colors for every skin tone, great price, comes in a large tube, a little bit goes a long way, and stays on almost all day long. Some cons were it creased a little bit, (not to the point were it's unbearable or annoying, easy to fix) if you apply too much, it looks cakey and I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing but it is kinda hard to remove.
Would I buy this again? Yes! I love it that much. I have been using it everyday  for almost 3 weeks now and once I run out (which probably won't be a while)

UPDATE: Sorry for not posting the colors it comes in!
It comes in light, medium, and tan.

Be The Best Mother You Can Be: Take time for yourself♥

So my follower Dani*LaLa commented on a post the other day and she mentioned that she takes time out of her day to get glammified every morning. I do the same!!! If not in the morning, for sure in the afternoon, even if I'm not going anywhere. It seems crazy but to me I feel as a mother, I "perform" my best when I know I look good, because I feel good! My mom always got ready in the morning and made sure she had makeup on before she left the house. High maintenance? I don't think so, just being a good mother and doing something for herself. I don't think it's selfish to do something for yourself as a mother, especially when it comes to getting yourself ready. Sure it's easier said then done, trust me I know! There has been times where I find a chance to get ready, then the kids wake up... outcome is I'm feeding my son a banana, rocking the baby in one arm, and putting on some false lashes with the free hand lol. It's crazy but worth it in my opinion. I just want to encourage all you mothers to do the same, your worth it and so is your family!

Mar 2, 2011

Review: ES eyelashes

Lashes! You all know how much I love em', fortunately I was sent two boxes of lashes from Maggie, a staff member from KKCenterhk to review. Their website is full of fun beauty items like clip-in-bangs, makeup, nails, shoes, hair decorations, and tons of eyelashes. I was asked to choose from the ES brand.

When I received the package it was not damaged in any way. It was also double bubble wrapped.
I chose lashes A051 and A013 plastic lashes because they looked really long and natural. My favorite!
They both came in a pack of ten. The A051 were glued on to the plastic just like any other pack of eyelashes, but the A013 corners were placed into a little hole in the box, which you later have to cut off.

The first one I wore were the A051's. These are sooo pretty! If you love long natural looking lashes, I would defenitly recommend buying these. The price for a pack of ten is USD $5.40 (not bad at all) They are very flexible, have a clear band, and are re-usable. The only 2 problems I had with these are that some of them, in the inner corners of the lashes have a small clear band that is hanging out (It is fixable by clipping it though) and that you can see the eyelash glue once it dries through the band. I use Duo eyelash adhesive in clear and its my absolute fav, but it just does not dry clear all the way. I am defenitly going to purchase these my next false lashes purchase.

The next lashes I chose were the A013's. These are USD $4.65 for a pack of ten. I chose these because they got longer towards the ends of your eyes (i'm a sucker for those). These were not as easy to apply as the A051's but once your bend them around a bit it isn't such a problem. These also are the ones that you have to clip the ends off, which can kind of be a hassle if your in a rush : / After applying them, they seem kind of stiff but they defenitly look gorgeous!

Over all I thought these were great lashes. I didn't have to trim them to fit my eyes, (just cut off the extra band to the A013's) I do have a favorite out of these though lol and it's the A051'w. I just feel like they are more comfortable and flexible than the A013's. The A013's band it more harder plastic. 

Again here is their web site: go check them out they have tons of great things. 

***Disclaimer I was not paid to review this product nor am I affiliated with this company. This was my true, honest opinion about this product even though the lashes were sent to me for free.


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