Oct 18, 2011

kkcenterhk.com Eyelash Video Review and Pictures!

Hey everyone! I got more lashes sent to me from kkcenterhk.com and I have a review!

I got 2 styles sent to me. The first one was ES 10 pack in style A855. These were more naturally and very pretty. They are a little bit wispy. USD 16.00 If you want to check them out on the website, click here.

And the second one was a set of black feather lashes in style FE130. Sorry, in the video I said that they were the fang yang brand... um ya no, it was just labeled on there web site as feather lashes with the style number. Click here to see them on the website.

Please watch the video for more info. and the full review!! :D

Now for pictures :)

 Here are the ES A855
 I am still wearing them in this last pic but for some reason they looked more full when I wore nude lips instead of a red, coraly color of lipstick.

Now the feather lashes...

These ones were so fun to play around with :) 
I'm planning on doing a dark Halloween look with them soon!
oh and here are my mauvey wine colored lips hehe

Hope you guys enjoyed!

Please read disclosure below.


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