Feb 25, 2012

EOTD: Color Blocking! and DIYcolored eye liner?

Hey girlies! OK... So this by far has to be one of my favorite looks I've done. Mainly because of the bright blue eyeliner (Which I DIYed myself) and just how these colors look together. So here it is...

I of course used my Manly palette.
 First things first! Primed my eye and continued on with wetting my brush with mac fix +, picked up some matte orange from the palette and started to pat it all over my lid. Next I blended the brightest red into my crease and blended that out with a shade or two lighter than my skintone color. The I applied a shimmery purple along my bottom lash line, applied my lashes and covered up the glue with a black liquid eye liner of course!  I used a fix+ to wet down a small concealer brush (you can use an eyeliner brush) and I dabbed it into a bright bright royal blue from an old elf palett I had until the pressed eyeshadow became more of a liquidy consistantcey. Almost liquid liner like. The I applied it onto my upper lash like just like how I usually do with black liquid liner and winged it out. I've been dying to get my hands on a bright blue liquid eyeliner recently but I haven't found one that meets my expectations tehe :) But this worked amazing for me and I felt like the bright blue made my brown eyes pop. I'm excitied to see what other colors I can use to make a liquid eyeliner with! 
Anywho it's just something I discoverd for myself recently (it's probably been discovered before that I didn't know about lol) and I thought it was fun hehe 
Love you guys thanks for reading!

XOXO Shayla

REVIEW: Queen Helene The Orignal Mint Julep Masque

Hey ladies! I have another review for you guys today, it's the Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque. 
First of all I have never heard of this EVER! Until my husband picked this up at Walgreens about a month and a half ago for $5.99. So I decided to look it up on blogs and Youtube and I found that everyone was raving about this product so I was super happy to try it out. 

First Impression:
It comes in an 8oz. bottle (I'm not sure if it comes in any other sizes) It has a screw on cap and it standsup up with the opening on the bottom. The opening is pretty big as well so you can get a lot of product out. The masque smelt A-MAZING! It's a minty smell but it's not over powering. The texture of it was smooth, it wasn't lumpy or bumpy and the color of it is light green.

What it claims:

The directions/ ingredients:

My skin type, I consider to be is combanation/ oily. I don't have a lot of acne  (but I do when it's that time of the month >:( ) I have a LOT of black heads on my nose and I have large pores where most people tend to get them, your upper cheeks right under your eyes. 

So I applied it as directed (evenly) through out my face. I noticed that it dried up really fast and leaving your skin feeling fresh and tight. I decided to leave it on for 15 minutes first to see how it worked  and once I washed it off my skin already seemed refreshed and healthy. I noticed that it does shrink your pores instantly but as far as acne and black heads it would take time. 
The next day, I decided to leave it on over night to see how that would work. Once and again I applied it as directed. After about a half hour the smell of mint went away and a almost burnt rubber smell started to appear! It is not soooo noticeable that you wanted to take it off (plus your going to be sleeping right? lol ) but it was a complete change from the mint. The next morning I woke up and I noticed a pimple I had on the side of my cheek increasing in redness and size and throughout the week I noticed my black-heads disappearing! 

Pros: It does what it says! Smells great if you love minty smells, leaves skin feeling refreshed and soft.
Cons: The only thing I can think of is it clogs up in the tube so you have to smash it around in the tube before applying sometimes, it smells like burnt rubber and that it can sting your open skin; such as scratches.

Overall I love this product and yes I will buy it again! It comes with a lot of product so I probably won't have to be buying more anytime soon though. 
Have any of you tried this? Do you ladies like it? 

Thanks for reading! 

XOXO Shayla

Feb 13, 2012

Life: Random pics

Hey ladies! 
If you have me on Facebook you probably see most of these pics everyday lol. I just figured I would share some with you guys to see what i'm up too :)
My son and I actin bad hahahaha
 Here's two of my baby girl! I haven't shown any pictures of her for a while. She's a year old now :)
Me and dresses up as the Maid of Honor at my best friends wedding this past Saturday! (Yes I cried)
Me dressed up for my besties Bachelorette party :)
Some Steve Madens I fell in love with!

Well Thats just what I could find in my camera roll that I thought were interesting hehe. 
Take care girls!

XOXO Shayla


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