Jan 27, 2012


Hey ladies! So I've been looking for a fun bright pink lippie that I can have fun wearing! I love wearing red, wine, peach or nude colors but I'm not such a fan of pinks because I feel like they don't suit me as well. Some woman can rock these colors like every day (cough cough Candy cough ;D) but i decided to pick up MAC's lipstick in "Lickable" just to give it a go. I think I'll be doing a look with it soon :)
But any who, here's a little sneak peek of how it looks on me. Oh btw I'm doing this post off my phone so sorry if it's a but strange :/

Hope you ladies are doing wonderful!

Xoxo Shayla

Jan 23, 2012

Guest Blog: Confidence Through Fashion for Cancer Patients By: Jackie Clark

Women are strong, confident, and incredibly resilient. Women battling cancer have all of these qualities, in addition to an incredible ability to persevere and fight against adversity. Women suffering from breast cancer, mesothelioma, or any of the myriad of tragic illnesses affecting women today have the tenacity and drive necessary to get through each day with integrity and strength. However, throughout treatment and the ensuing struggles after a diagnosis, it can be unfortunately all too easy for women to neglect their femininity. Believe it or not, female cancer patients can easily find strength through fashion and beauty, which increases confidence and aids in boosting your everyday morale. Every woman wants to feel beautiful, and female cancer patients are no exception. With a little help from makeup and fun fashion accessories, women affected by cancer can easily boost their confidence and brighten their day.

Women struggling with cancer may have a hard time finding the motivation to put on a full face of makeup or coordinate a high fashion inspired ensemble. However, there are several simple and easy ways to add a pinch of glam without hours of work to your day-to-day look, thereby increasing your confidence and giving you a feeling of feminine strength. To combat feelings of hopelessness or sadness, try adding color to your look. A bright blush and lipstick combo can bring life and joy to even the most tired of faces, and shirts or accessories in similar cheery colors can also help to lift your spirits.

If you are close to a woman who is battling cancer, consider a beautiful gift such as a red lipstick or pink scarf. Thanks to the efforts of many charitable fashion and beauty companies, there are several gifts that will not only brighten the day of the cancer patient in your life, but also go to benefit cancer or mesothelioma research. Look for beauty products and fashion items with the pink ribbon logo - this means that the company will donate a portion of all proceeds to breast cancer research, which means that your beautiful gift will go to help more than just one woman affected by cancer.

EOTD: Cut Crease: Amp Up the Lime

Hello lovely ladies! 
I know I've been doing a lot of eye looks but it's something I want to still continue with so sorry if it's not your fav :/
This is actually the look I'm wearing today! Yes today... not a few weeks ago like my old posts lol. It's a bright lime green lid and a dark, forest green, cut crease. I didn't come up with these colors on my own, it was actually in a duo eyeshadow compact by Loreal. I've had this for so long and only used it about once or twice, but the front name is rubbed off. I think it's the Eye Bright Duo's by Loreal I believe... and the the name is called Ritous. 

Now since my hair has been black, I feel like I have to amp up the color with my eye shadows just for them to stand out any. Plus I think it's a fun contrast. 
I have a few more colorful looks for you guys and some Valentine's looks as well!
Have a great day everyone!

Jan 20, 2012

EOTD: Upside Down Sunset

Hello! So today I have a sunset inspired eye... except it is more like a upside down sunet... lol you'll see. 

I wanted to use warm colors on my eyes (just because I miss summer that much) But I was really feeling purple that day as well so I had to throw them all together!
So I used the Manly Palette I reviewed HERE because it is one of my only palettes with a ton of bright fun colors. I used a shimmery bright purple out of the purples the palett comes with and patted that all over my lid. Next I used a bright magenta and put that into my crease and blended the two colors well so that they made a good transition into each other. Next I used The matte orange in the palette as a fun transition from the magenta to the highlight color on my brow ORB by MAC. And last added the purple along my bottom lash line. The main key of this look was BLEND! I also used these shadows wet using elfs set and mist along with there eye shadow primer which is one of my holy grail products!
Hope you ladies enjoyed! 

as you can see I'm still in the process of changing my blog around so please excuse the mess :)

EOTD: Cut Crease: Orange Sherbet with a POP of color!

Hey ladies! I have another EOTD look for you guys!
I wanted to do something that had neutral colors,  a pop of color, but yet some what dramatic. So I came up with this...

A maroon toned brown (ES Palette) cut crease with a samon/ orange sherbet color(ES Palette) on the lid. I blended the brown out with my new favortie highlight color (which your going to be seeing a lot of) ORB by MAC. Last but not least I added the pop of blue-ish/teal to my bottom lash line. Mascara, liner, and popped on some ebay lash and voilllaa!
I know this isn't a super wearable for most girls but for me it's just perect. Not to over the top but has just enough drama :)
Love you guys!

Jan 18, 2012

EOTD: Naturally Green

Hey girlies! 

I have a eye look for you guys today :) 

I used browns from the ES palette I reviewed, the green is a shadow that I got from body works a VERY long time ago :/ sorry. And what I used to highlight my brow and inner corners of my eyes were ORB from MAC . 
Oh and excuse my hair in the first two pictures. I had them pinned up for my curls later, it actually really helps keep your curl.

hope you guys enjoyed! I have a bunch more eye looks for you guys!


Hey everyone!!! 
Once again.... I'm sorry for being so MIA :( we still don't have internet :( So i only have a few hours at my parents hehe. 
But I wanted to update you guy on my hair :) 

The begging of December I decided to try out the ombre hair style which I have been thinking about for a VERY long time which you guys might have known about.
Here are a few pics :)

I loved it!! I felt like it complemented my skin tone and it looked really good with a lot of outfits.
I only had it for like 2 weeks lol.
For some reason I wasn't fully satisfied like how you usually are after you get your hair done.
So I dyed my hair black :)

I'm not exactly in love with it but I do like it enough to keep it lol. 
And it is sooo easy to keep up with!
I did both by my self :) and under 20 each so super cheap and pretty good results I think. 
If you guys want to know how I did my ombre hair let me know! 

Hope everyone is good! I miss you all and I'm sorry for not being able to check out your blogs :'( 


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