Jan 18, 2012


Hey everyone!!! 
Once again.... I'm sorry for being so MIA :( we still don't have internet :( So i only have a few hours at my parents hehe. 
But I wanted to update you guy on my hair :) 

The begging of December I decided to try out the ombre hair style which I have been thinking about for a VERY long time which you guys might have known about.
Here are a few pics :)

I loved it!! I felt like it complemented my skin tone and it looked really good with a lot of outfits.
I only had it for like 2 weeks lol.
For some reason I wasn't fully satisfied like how you usually are after you get your hair done.
So I dyed my hair black :)

I'm not exactly in love with it but I do like it enough to keep it lol. 
And it is sooo easy to keep up with!
I did both by my self :) and under 20 each so super cheap and pretty good results I think. 
If you guys want to know how I did my ombre hair let me know! 

Hope everyone is good! I miss you all and I'm sorry for not being able to check out your blogs :'( 


Karen M said...

OMG!!! I love it!!!! it looks so good on you! I wanted to it but didnt dare to :p

Shayla said...

Karen Thank you!! You should just try it for fun :D and if all fails you can easily die it back in my case anways. Thanks for visiting! xo

G A B Y said...

Awww I love black hair on you, it really suits your skintone!

Dani*LaLa said...

Love your hair black =). Feel it suits you well.

Laiqah said...

You look SO BEAUTIFUL with your ombré hair! I wish you didn't dye it black... I love it! :)
But you're just as gorgeous with your black hair!

Shayla said...

@Gabby Thanks girl!I love how easy it is to color!xo

@Dani Thanks girl!!! xo

@Laiqah Thanks girly!! I loved it a lot and I'm more than likely to do it again lol i'm thinking maybe summer time hehe. But thanks a ton
!!! xoxo

| C AND C | Sarmin said...

& yeah, your also my hair crush.
I love black hair, so I am gonna say I like you better with the darker hair, however the ombre did really suit you. Did you do the black at home? Which brand/color did you use?


Shayla said...

@Sarmin lol thanks girl! some days it works with me haha. but ya i'm actually really liking my dark hair right now but I might go back to ombre for the summer. I did do the black at home and it was the first box brand dye I used :/ really scary because I've heard way to many things about box color but it was the loreal's Superior preference in ultimate black. It really didn't damage my hair like how I thought it would but it has been fading really fast. Hope that helps you girl!! xoxox

Anonymous said...

Hi I"m looking to ombre my hair and its naturally dark dark brown, almost black and my ends have grown out black dye. Can you tell me how you ombre'd your hair please I really want to do it at home and not spend a lot of money to have it done. thanks!


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