Apr 16, 2011

Manly 30 Color Eye Shadow;Eyeshadow Palette Make Up Blush

 Hey everyone!!! Hope everyone had a great week and have some fun plans for the weekend! Mine was good, just had to snip some of my sons binkies lol! 
SO recently I received a Manly eyeshadow palette from KKcenterhk to review and let me tell, you I was so excited to receive this palette! It took about about 10 days to get here to Utah. I am so impressed by the packaging. I 100% trust them to send me my eyeshadow palettes safe and undamaged! My mother-in-law lives with us and she handed the package to me and looked almost bigger than her lol. It was wrapped multiple times in bubble wrap, and taped. I can't even tell you how long it took me to get this undone, it's a good thing!! Here's a video on how they safety pack their eyeshadows: Click Here  Here's some pictures...
It came it a white Manly box that listed the ingredients on the back. It was also wrapped one more time inside the box. Judging at their pictures on their website, I expected a huge palette but it was actually a pretty decent size, very easy to handle. Here's the palette compared to my hand size... and my 2 year olds hehe :)
Here's the link and description of the palette listed on their website: 
Manly 30 Color Eye Shadow Eyeshadow Palette Make Up Blush
Make Up Set Extremely Portable.
100% New, Never Been Used
Case Is Black
30 Color Eye Shadow
Suitable For All Day & Night Make Up
Size :242mmx158mmx25mm
Can Be Used Party Or Professional Make Up
Ingredients listed:
 Talcum Powder, Kaolin, Mica Powder, Magnesium Stearate, Titanium White Powder, Colorant, Pearl Lustre Pigment

So lets take a look at these bad boys :)

All came in perfect condition :) It has 2 palettes, 30 shadows; 15 per palette. Both palettes can pull out of case. There's also a little ribbon to pull them out (seen in the picture below)

 I applied a small amount of each color. (The bluish/green color on pic 2 was damaged by my son :(, again all came in perfect condition)

all w/flash

Overall view: I normally am not a huge "colorful shadows" fan, but this palette was defenitly an exception. I have found my self going to this palette more than I thought I would. The case is sturdy and heavier than I was expecting it to be, the shadows where large, and most were pigmented. I loved how it came with a variety of colors I can play with, how it has hues in the same color family and it is very portable as they clammed. Although this was sent to me for free to review, I think it is a very reasonable, inexpensive price for 30 shadows. Some cons: some were not as pigmented. Specifically the matte light green and matte light yellow were the less pigmented. Also some colors seemed chalky, such as some of the mattes.  

Do I recommend buying this? Yes, I loved it. The colors are gorgeous! If you love colorful eye shadows and love to have many hues in the same color, I highly recommend this.

You can purchase this palette from KKcenterhk.com 
Their website if full of fun beauty, hair, accessories etc. 
Go check them out!

*Read disclosure below*


Vintage Makeup said...

The colors look really pigmented!

Miss Tapia said...

Very pretty colors!

Peach Crush said...

love this!!!! it looks really pigmented. nice blog :) im your new follower cant wait to be followed back by you

Shayla said...

@Vintage Makeup Yeah! they were great! I actually going to post some looks using this palette coming soon! Thanks for reading ♥

@Miss Tapia Ya I really liked how many colors

@Peach Crush Thank you for followin! Following your blog!

MadeByJulietta said...

Funny name for a make up palette hey?! But defiantly would give it a try!!! Thanks for the review!!


Shayla said...

@MadeByJulietta lol I know right?! thanks for reading!


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