Mar 2, 2011

Review: ES eyelashes

Lashes! You all know how much I love em', fortunately I was sent two boxes of lashes from Maggie, a staff member from KKCenterhk to review. Their website is full of fun beauty items like clip-in-bangs, makeup, nails, shoes, hair decorations, and tons of eyelashes. I was asked to choose from the ES brand.

When I received the package it was not damaged in any way. It was also double bubble wrapped.
I chose lashes A051 and A013 plastic lashes because they looked really long and natural. My favorite!
They both came in a pack of ten. The A051 were glued on to the plastic just like any other pack of eyelashes, but the A013 corners were placed into a little hole in the box, which you later have to cut off.

The first one I wore were the A051's. These are sooo pretty! If you love long natural looking lashes, I would defenitly recommend buying these. The price for a pack of ten is USD $5.40 (not bad at all) They are very flexible, have a clear band, and are re-usable. The only 2 problems I had with these are that some of them, in the inner corners of the lashes have a small clear band that is hanging out (It is fixable by clipping it though) and that you can see the eyelash glue once it dries through the band. I use Duo eyelash adhesive in clear and its my absolute fav, but it just does not dry clear all the way. I am defenitly going to purchase these my next false lashes purchase.

The next lashes I chose were the A013's. These are USD $4.65 for a pack of ten. I chose these because they got longer towards the ends of your eyes (i'm a sucker for those). These were not as easy to apply as the A051's but once your bend them around a bit it isn't such a problem. These also are the ones that you have to clip the ends off, which can kind of be a hassle if your in a rush : / After applying them, they seem kind of stiff but they defenitly look gorgeous!

Over all I thought these were great lashes. I didn't have to trim them to fit my eyes, (just cut off the extra band to the A013's) I do have a favorite out of these though lol and it's the A051'w. I just feel like they are more comfortable and flexible than the A013's. The A013's band it more harder plastic. 

Again here is their web site: go check them out they have tons of great things. 

***Disclaimer I was not paid to review this product nor am I affiliated with this company. This was my true, honest opinion about this product even though the lashes were sent to me for free.


Anonymous said...

VEry prety Lashes...I wish i was able to put them on myself....but i am awful at it. Thanks for the blog post.

Check out my blog and follow if you like it please.

HeKeLa said...

Love the second style of lashes you got..i will definitely have to check that out!! Thanks Girl! xoxo

MARiZA Munich, Germany said...

Hello lovely :)!

i really like your blog! looks so nice....your blog inspired me!!!

i follow you! Please follow me too! Thanks & Kisses ;)

Wish you a great start in the new week :)

with love

Anonymous said...

Cool lashes! Love them, and the longer the better;)

Shayla said...

Thanks girls! I really appreciate the comments ♥

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