Dec 20, 2010

Lucky's 10 biggest obsessions ever!

On the Style Network, they have a special on Lucky Magazine 10 biggest obsessions ever, of the decade.
I watched it and I thought it was right on. Here's the count down...

#10- Star style
  • juicy track suit
  • trucker hats
  • suit & chucks
  • Dog as a accessory
  • and biggest obsession... boho chic

#9- Product Perfect
  • eyelashes
  • spray tan
  • mineral makeup
  • biggest obsession... dry shampoo
#8- Hallelujah Hair
  • super straight hair
  • hair extensions
  • hair accessories
  • biggest obsession... pony tail
#7- Tech-Tacular
  • Blinged out phones and laptops
  • flash drives
  • biggest obsession... luxury laptop cases
#6- Amazing accessories
  • cocktail rings
  • clutches
  • biggest obsession ever... the over sized bag
#5- Shifty Shopping
  • mobile shopping
  • high end designers in target, H&M, etc.
  • biggest obsession... online shopping
#4- Disaster Duds
  • Ed Hardy
  • Uggs
  • Crocs
  • biggest fashion disaster... Parka cape
#3- Classy Couture
  • pea coat
  • over sized cardigan
  • biggest obsession ever... boot-cut jeans
#2- Shoe Shine
  • boots
  • black pumps
  • luxury brand
  • biggest obsession... ballet flats
#1 Biggest obsession ever.... SPANX!

What do you think???

♥ -Shayla


Nichole Naomi said...

Hello, I'm Nichole Naomi from and I just wanted to say that I was in this show. I am in one of the clips from New York and my sister and I were talking about Uggs. Btw I love your blog!!!

Shayla said...

@Nichole Naomi ohhh my I can remember seeing you!! that's so cool lol. thanks hun xo


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