Dec 3, 2010

What all can Vaseline do???

So the other day I was watching re-runs of Americas Next Top Model, and Tyra was using only using Vaseline on the models at a photo shoot. I also remembered how my Grandma would whip out her Vaseline for us grandkids if we had chapped lips. It got me thinking about what all could Vaseline do for you??? I decided to do a little research and see what other people would use theirs for and this is what I found...

1. Use at the ends of your hair to smooth down split ends

2. Apply on eyelashes overnight and overtime your eyelashes will become more thicker, longer, and healthier.

3. Use on elbows and knees to get rid of ruff, dry skin.

4. Apply on feet over night, then cover with socks and wake up to softer feet :)

5. Makeup remover

6. Helps tame crazy eyebrow hairs

7. Remove makeup stains from clothing

8. Use as a lip balm or apply on lips before using lipstick/ lip liner.

9. Mix Vaseline and sea salts to make a nice scrub.

10. Helps heal new tattoo's

11. Use as a eyeshadow base

12. Help protect cuticles

13. Use on skin after shaving to help soothe razor burn

14. Helps ease off stuck rings

15. Scrunched into hair for a textured look.

16. Rub over old nail polish and make your nails look freshly painted.

17. Rub evenly on to skin before applying self tanning products for a even tan.

18. Helps perfume last longer if applied to sprayed areas

19. Helps prevent wind burn

20. Can be used on the necks of nail polish bottles for easy lid removal

21. And my favorite, use with under eye concealer for a long lasting creamy look.

Now that I found more uses for my Vaseline I am definitely going to be using it more :)

♥ -Shayla

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denise ❤ said...

wow! great post!! so many uses! :)


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