Nov 8, 2010

Cheap False Lashes!


K sooo recently I have gotten into false eyelashes just because I think they are fun AND I feel like they complete your look especially if you are wearing a lot of eyeshadow.

Some lashes that I started using were the ELF cosmetics false eyelashes. First of all they are SUPER CHEAP (only $1 at Target or and they are gorgeous! They come in two different styles:

Dramatic Lash

And in Natural Lash

I loved these both. They did not feel plastic, shaped to my eyes well, and were easy to reuse. The only thing I did not like about these were the glue! It was hard to open AND most of the glue was dried up :(

So what I bought was a pretty popular glue called DUO. It worked so well! It dries clear, holds amazing, AND is easy to remove.
I also bought this from Target for about $6.

After wearing False Lashes for a while, I found that they can be pretty pricey if you want to wear them just about everyday (even if they are a dollar). I decided to look for and alternative and I came across "ebay lashes"

These lashes are sold in packs from Hong Kong. I found a seller that was selling 4 packs of eyelashes for $1.00!!! Plus S&H; it came to about $7. To me I found that to be such an amazing deal.
It came in the mail less than 2 weeks and in great condition.
The seller I bought these lashes from (xespiderx) was selling 4 different styles of lashes, 10 lashes per style.
The first one: natural criss-cross look

The second: natural sectioned off look

The third: dramatic sectioned look

The fourth: full dramatic look

Pros: They are a great price, beautiful lashes, look wonderful on, blend easy to your natural lashes, curl easy, and can look great with mascara.
Cons: They feel like plastic, are do not reuse that great, do not shape to the eye as well as most false lashes, and the waiting time to receive.

Those are just some lashes I like right now and I hope you liked this :D

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