Nov 25, 2010


So right now I am 34 weeks along with my second child! Being pregnant comes with a belly (of course) and I have purchased a few things that I feel like are a absolute must!

The first belly item I have purchased was with my son, and it was Stretch Mark Oil and Lotion. I have now came to realization that I can not get rid of my stretch marks :( :( :( BUT I can help my skin become more flexible while stretching out and not be as itchy. I bought 2 different kinds of Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula

To me they helped out A LOT and I felt like I wasn't damaging my skin as much as I would without putting anything on my belly.

Second item I purchased was the Bella Band.

This is pretty much a spandex, multipurpose band that can help hold up your maternity jeans, cover your belly so it doesn't hang out of your shirts once you get further along, and can hide you unzipped zipper on your fav non-maternity jeans. I love this because it does what it says it does! I have had mine for about 2 years now and it is still as wonderful and the day I got it.

Third is a belly support I recently got because my daughter loves to sit on my pelvic nerves :)

This has to be my favorite thing right now because I do have large babies and I have the worst pelvic pressure! This helps lift the baby, and relieves my pelvic bones. It also feels so great on my back and helps me sleep better at night. It looks like complicated mess, but it really isn't hard to put on. It also does not show through clothing.
I actually couldn't find a picture of the brand I got, but it was from Babies R Us and the exact same thing.

And the last must have item I bought was the Belly Bandit.

This is a post pregnancy belly wrap that helps shrink your tummy back to how it originally was! This thing worked wonders for me especially because I was super swollen from being in labor for 24 hrs. then eventually getting a surprise c-section :/ I got the original Belly Bandit, but I am planning on getting the Bamboo one next because it is recommended for c-section mommies. (softer)

These have all helped me a ton and hopefully can be something to consider for you expecting mommies out there!!!

♥ -Shayla

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