Jan 22, 2011

Review: ELF Regular & Waterproof Mascara

I am a pretty big fan of ELF cosmetics. Their prices are super cheap AND great on the quality of their products. Recently I decided to try their Regular & Waterproof Mascara. This is my first time EVER buying a mascara for so cheap, $1!!!

What product claims: 
"Revolutionary Liquid-Flex™ Technology – Long-Lasting, Smudge and Smear Proof. One side is regular mascara, but turn over this tube, and the other side contains waterproof mascara so you are prepared for any occasion, place or type of weather!"

 It's a duo regular and waterproof mascara, one on one side, the other on the other side. I found this great because you don't have to carry around 2 kinds of mascara if you are traveling. 

I am not a fan of the brush, I usually go for bigger brushes. It does not separate your lashes, the more you put on the worse it gets and it did not give me any length nor volume. The Mascara it self it great, it covers well, does not smudge, smear, and it washes off easy. 
*I am wearing this mascara in the Selina Gomez look I just recently did*

-one coat-

Would I buy this again? Overall I was disappointed in this ELF product. I have never disliked any of ELF's cosmetics until now :( The main problem is the brush. It did not separate my lashes at all, and I didn't get any length either. If I were to buy this again, I would just have it to carry in my purse for little touch ups or if I were traveling. I did like the effect it did on my lower lashes though :D  I have tried better out there.
Has anyone else tried this? What do you think?


April K said...

i like this mascara. but then again, i have long and curly lashes so i don't really need thickening. i mainly use mascara for darkening my lashes. too bad it didn't work out for you.

Shayla said...

@April K Well I am happy it worked out for you because it was horrible for me lol. My eyelashes aren't as full as they used to be because I have been yanking off false eyelashes :S maybe that's why it hasn't worked out for me.


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