Jan 12, 2011

My current Lotion & Perfume

For Christmas I got some more lotions and a perfume...
My momma got me a lotion from bath and body works called secret wonderland. It's a light fragrance described as "a blend of strawberry, frosted jasmine petals and a white amber." I love it! It's not so heavy that it gives me a head ache, but it leaves its scent all day. Most importantly, it leaves my skin super soft!

Next I got this from my lovely sis-in-law, the Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy gift set. It came with a 5 Oz bottle of perfume, a 1.7 Oz tube of shower gel and a 1.7 Oz of lotion. This scent is described as wild berries and mandarins, honey suckle, gardenia and jasmine. I love this as well. It is a little bit more of a heavy scent than what I usually go for, but it does not bug me at all. I love the smaller bottle so I can carry it in my purse if I want to use some later, and same with the lotion. 

Hope you all enjoyed! 


Toni Tralala said...

This seems like it smells so yummy! :) You're mom's so sweet! You've got lots of love from both sides of the family, I see! :P

johanna said...

Soo cool!
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It looks nice :D

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Shayla said...

@toni tralala yes it they smell great def. recomend them! and yes, i have such a wonderful family from both sides :D

Rakhshanda said...

Nice products Shayla!!! Lovely blog too....Hey plz check out my new site- http://www.chamberofbeauty.com/
It'll be soo sweet of you if you follow me there:)

Dhalia Rodriguez said...

My bff bought me the secret wonderland candel for xmas and man I love it. Is that just seasonal?


Shayla said...

@Dhalia I think it is just seasonal. I use the lotion just about every day haha I wouldn't mind having the candle!


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