Jan 9, 2011

*How I apply false eyelashes*

I never used to wear false eyelashes EVER unless it was Halloween. But a couple months ago I decided to give some a try and I have been wearing them ever since, they are so addicting! At first it was pretty tricky applying them but after reading up on tips and some practice, I feel like a pro. So I wanted to share with you guys how I apply them! 

What you'll need:
*your favorite lashes
* eyelash adhesive
*small scissors
*eyelash curlers
*eyeliner of your choice

First I put on eyeliner and a thin coat of mascara

Second I trim the lashes to my eye size then bend them so they can fit to my eye shape better. **When trimming eyelashes, trim them from the outer corner of the lashes**
Next I apply a good amount of glue to the lash band and let it dry until it is tacky. (If you let it dry until it is tacky, it will stick better and won't make a mess of glue all over you eye!)

Then I use my tweezers to apply the lashes to the center of my eye, then to inner and outer corner.
Last I apply liquid eyeliner to the lash band if it is showing, then I curl my lashes with the false lashes. This helps them blend together
They're on! 

Lashes are fun to wear and can be super easy to apply! 
All you need is practice :)


thomessa said...

Love those falsies! They look good on you. :)

Shayla said...

Thanks girl! They're only a dollar!

I.B.G. said...

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Toni Tralala said...

You nipped yours, huh? Mine were just right. I guess since I have big eyes. lol. I dunno.

This looks all natural! :) I'll try ELF next time. How much does it go for?

Shayla said...

@Toni Tralala lol I actually didn't trim them, I just put that so people would if they needed to, but anywho... I used to trim those lashes all the time until I took a pic. and they looked funny being trimmed haha. But they are only a dollar! and the lash band hides so well. You should def. try them! they would look gorgeous on you!

Dhalia Rodriguez said...

Pefectly put!


xo $ARMIN said...

Yeah, I suck at putting on fake lashes. I am gonna look at this when I get home, & try again.
You make it look easy, right now I am thinking I got this. But then I have glue all over my eyes, not fun.


Shayla said...

@Dhalia Thanks! I hope it helps hehe.

@xo $ARMIN I did too!! it really just takes practice. I think the main thing is to let the glue get tacky, after that it's just a matter of putting it on. Give it a try girl!


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