Jan 9, 2011

-Red LIPS-

Today I decided I wanted to wear red lips :)
One of my favorite colors is Retro Red N.Y.C.
(By the way this lipstick was only 98 cents at Wal-Mart!!!)

 First I applied foundation over my lips and some powder on top
to set it. The reason why I do this is because I believe this gives you
more of a true color once you put on the lipstick than it would with
just your natural pigment.
 Second I lined my lips with the lipstick. (You can of course use 
a lip liner)
 Then I filled my lips in with the lipstick...
 Then TADA! Red lips ;D I didn't put any gloss over in these
pics but when I do, I usually use a clear gloss like VS beauty rush
 With flash

For the rest of my face I keep it super simple. Natural eyeshadow if I use 
some, not to much eyeliner or mascara and hardly any blush, just bronzer for 
contouring my face.

Hope you enjoyed!


April K said...

I love NYC lipsticks. They are so creamy and apply so well. If you have a Dollar Tree nearby, they may have NYC lipsticks.

Shayla said...

@April That's funny you say that because I have a Dollar Tree right down the street from me! I'll have to go check out what they have. Thanks girl!

khmari123 said...

u look cute with that color on your lips

Shayla said...

Thanks! I love wearing red but i wasnt sure if it looked all that great on me :/


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