Jan 27, 2012


Hey ladies! So I've been looking for a fun bright pink lippie that I can have fun wearing! I love wearing red, wine, peach or nude colors but I'm not such a fan of pinks because I feel like they don't suit me as well. Some woman can rock these colors like every day (cough cough Candy cough ;D) but i decided to pick up MAC's lipstick in "Lickable" just to give it a go. I think I'll be doing a look with it soon :)
But any who, here's a little sneak peek of how it looks on me. Oh btw I'm doing this post off my phone so sorry if it's a but strange :/

Hope you ladies are doing wonderful!

Xoxo Shayla


Laiqah said...

Looks gorgeous on you!

Shayla said...

Thank laiqah!!

Melody of Beauty said...

I think you're wrong! This lippy suits you awesome! Looks good!

Taj Acosta said...

Pretty color!! xx

Shayla said...

@melody of Beauty Hahaha thanks girl! I actually got a similar color lip liner from NYX and it just made the lipstick look 10x better!
@Taj Acosta Thanks I love it! and thanks for reading!


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