Jan 23, 2012

EOTD: Cut Crease: Amp Up the Lime

Hello lovely ladies! 
I know I've been doing a lot of eye looks but it's something I want to still continue with so sorry if it's not your fav :/
This is actually the look I'm wearing today! Yes today... not a few weeks ago like my old posts lol. It's a bright lime green lid and a dark, forest green, cut crease. I didn't come up with these colors on my own, it was actually in a duo eyeshadow compact by Loreal. I've had this for so long and only used it about once or twice, but the front name is rubbed off. I think it's the Eye Bright Duo's by Loreal I believe... and the the name is called Ritous. 

Now since my hair has been black, I feel like I have to amp up the color with my eye shadows just for them to stand out any. Plus I think it's a fun contrast. 
I have a few more colorful looks for you guys and some Valentine's looks as well!
Have a great day everyone!


jyz said...

Pretty! I love cut crease! :)

Lisa said...

I love cut crease looks. I try so hard to practice a cut crease on my eyes but it never looks as good on asian eyes as it does on other eye shapes. Love the colors that you chose too.

Jen said...

love the yellow!

CAL said...

im wearing this look tomorrow!! LOVE IT!!


Shayla said...

Thanks ladies!!

@lisa yes I found out that it is quite difficult to do cut crease on most Asian eyes. I've also found that if you use a darker color on the cut crease and blend the colors out on top it look better but that's just me!
Thanks girl! xoxo

Brandy said...

Wow!! Amazing. You are gorgeous. Love the look. You have a new follower. :)

What are your favorite eye shadow brushes??



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