Jan 23, 2012

Guest Blog: Confidence Through Fashion for Cancer Patients By: Jackie Clark

Women are strong, confident, and incredibly resilient. Women battling cancer have all of these qualities, in addition to an incredible ability to persevere and fight against adversity. Women suffering from breast cancer, mesothelioma, or any of the myriad of tragic illnesses affecting women today have the tenacity and drive necessary to get through each day with integrity and strength. However, throughout treatment and the ensuing struggles after a diagnosis, it can be unfortunately all too easy for women to neglect their femininity. Believe it or not, female cancer patients can easily find strength through fashion and beauty, which increases confidence and aids in boosting your everyday morale. Every woman wants to feel beautiful, and female cancer patients are no exception. With a little help from makeup and fun fashion accessories, women affected by cancer can easily boost their confidence and brighten their day.

Women struggling with cancer may have a hard time finding the motivation to put on a full face of makeup or coordinate a high fashion inspired ensemble. However, there are several simple and easy ways to add a pinch of glam without hours of work to your day-to-day look, thereby increasing your confidence and giving you a feeling of feminine strength. To combat feelings of hopelessness or sadness, try adding color to your look. A bright blush and lipstick combo can bring life and joy to even the most tired of faces, and shirts or accessories in similar cheery colors can also help to lift your spirits.

If you are close to a woman who is battling cancer, consider a beautiful gift such as a red lipstick or pink scarf. Thanks to the efforts of many charitable fashion and beauty companies, there are several gifts that will not only brighten the day of the cancer patient in your life, but also go to benefit cancer or mesothelioma research. Look for beauty products and fashion items with the pink ribbon logo - this means that the company will donate a portion of all proceeds to breast cancer research, which means that your beautiful gift will go to help more than just one woman affected by cancer.

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