Apr 7, 2011

Ombre/ Dip Dye Hair. AND Summer Hair Color!

Hey everyone! I hope everyones week is going great and have some fun plans this weekend :D I don't have any :/
BUT anyways, this whole week I have been thinking of changing my hair... again. I have literally been dreaming about changing my hair!!! lol. But lately I have been liking the the whole trend Ombre/ Dip Dye hair.   (if you do not know what ombre hair is, check out the pics :)  When I first saw this trend, I HATED IT! My cousin and I were talking about how it looked like really bad grown out roots lol. BUT as I have been seeing more and more celebs with this hair, I have grown to love it. 
I am more about the subtle, natural kind of ombre hair than the obvious ombre hair (Drew Barrymore). 
Here are some ombre hair I have found...

all images via google

I have read about how to achieve the ombre look DIY and it seems pretty simple. I would do it myself if I am to! Also If I do this look, I want to use 3 different colors so it's a gradual transition. I think there is a HUGE advantage to ombre hair; the more your hair grows out, the better it looks!  So not roots! 

On the other hand...
Of course I have other ideas for my hair... I have actually have had this idea for sometime now but am so hesitant to actually go through with it! I want to go lighter! I have gone lighter about a year ago, and was going to gradually go blonde but it was just too much to keep up with because my hair is naturally dark brown and I felt like I had to constantly be tan :/
Other than all the negatives about it, It would be nice for a change and nice for summer!
Here are some hair colors I would love to have!

So give me some feed back!!! I would love to hear all of your opinions :)


Laiqah said...

OOO, go lighter!!! ^_^
I have always loved Eva Mendes and Jennifer Lopez' hair!
I have been lusting after that hair colour for years!

I think lighter would look gorgeous on you!

Maryam Maquillage said...

oooOOOooo I love the va-va-voom hair... Eva Mendes' hair is to die for!!!


Dani*LaLa said...

I would say just go for it =) LOL. I have never did anything to my hair except for cutting it and putting a relaxer in it. This style seems to look fun and love eva mendes hair so sultry and sexy =).

Shayla said...

@Laiqah Same! I have been looking and JLo's and Eva's hair color for about 3 years now!!! Thanks girl, now im really leaning towards getting it lighter lol.

@Maryam Maquillage Isn't it?!?! Her and her hair is gorgeous!

@Dani*lala Really?! Psh I wish I was easy on my hair like that. I'm happy tho because my hair bleaches well and doesn't get as damaged as most but it's still hard on my hair :/

G A B Y said...

Hmmm I don't know, I feel it's a trend only celebs could pull off...

Vintage Makeup said...

I like the ombre hair color! :)

Sylvia said...

Great pics, i am so into the ombre hair right now!

khmari123 said...

Jen, Eva, and especially Mally's love their color but is very hard to achieve.

Ali said...

I wanted to do ombre too, but my hair is so dry right now I thought my ends would just about break and fall off!! I think you should try it, I want to see what the DIY method would look like. Plus, if you really don't like it, you can just lighten the rest of your hair to match!

beauty combat said...

i really like ombre hair this is my actuall look , i m following (hey your familly is so sweet , i m also a mummy of two) xoxo

Shayla said...

@Gaby I have came to conclusion that is so lol. well I wouldn't be able to pull it off anyway. The stay home mom I am would def. not look fab with this, just over grown roots :/ Thanks for your opinion girl!

@Vintage Makeup I do too! but i don't think I could completely pull it off. I've started to lighten my hair so I can go light :)

@Sylvia Thanks! I think it looks A-mazing on some people!

@khmari123 I totally agree! I feel like when my hair is lighter and similar to theirs, I have to have my tan, I have to change my makeup and what colors of clothing I wear. and on top of that you need to keep on top of your roots if you have dark hair like mine, which can be really difficult :/
Thanks for reading girl!

@Ali Thanks for the boost to do it! but i'm actually just going to gradually lighten all of my hair until I reach a color I like lol. But isn't it such a unique hair color!? I really do want it but I really don't think I could rock it. Plus where I live, people would think my roots are soooo grown out hahaha. Thanks for reading!

@Beauty Combat Nice! I bet it looks fab! And Thanks girl!! It's always nice to meat another mommy in the beauty community :)
p.s. following your blog now!!!


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