Apr 21, 2011

FOTD: Kim Kardashian sun kissed inspired.

Hey girls! While watching Kourtney & Kim Take NY, I noticed Kim's makeup in the episode she was recording her song. It was so pretty, natural and sun kissed looking so I wanted to recreate it as much as I could. Here's the pics from the episode:

Here's my attempt to create her look:
I mainly just wanted to focus on the face. 
*Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup in Natural beige 60
*Neutrogena Mineral Sheers in Tan 80
*Hard Candy Glamogflauge concealer in light
*Elf contouring blush and bronzing powder
*Maybellline Dream Mousse concealer in Beige, Medium 0-.2.5
*Revlon lipstick in soft nude
*Elf eyeshadow primer
*Elf 32 eyeshadow palette light pink and matte grey
*Revlon Million lash mascara 
*Elf eyebrow kit in medium 

After applying liquid foundation and powder, I dabbed the hard candy concealer under my eyes and on my upper cheek bones to give the whole "Kim Kardashian Highlighted Cheek Bones"
Then I contoured my face with Elf blush ad bronzing powder (using the bronzer side). By the way, this is probably my favorite elf product of all time!!! And it's only 3 dollars :) :) Then I used the blush on the apples of my cheeks. Next I did my eyes using Elfs shadow primer, pink all over my lid and using the grey matte out of the palette as a eyeliner. Next was my lips. I used the Maybelline concealer on my lips first because my natural color of lip is almost red, i'm not even kidding! It has always been annoying on account of I love nude lips : / Then I applied Revlon's Soft nude. Last I did my eyebrows. I know they aren't the best today but that's how they turned out lol.  and... TADA! done. It's probably not EXACT with the makeup but this is my attempted :) 
Oh and notice i'm a bit tanner? It's a super affordable self tanner I have been using! I'll post a review about it soon!


Evelyn said...

You look way cute, always love your makeup, good job<3

Evelyn said...

You look way cute, always love your makeup, good job<3

Vintage Makeup said...

You look like her! :)

Ali said...

Love Kim K and love your look! Good job, girl!

EveryDay Makeup blog said...

You did a great job in recreating her look and you look amazing!

I'm now following your blog :)

xo $ARMIN said...

I am so in love with Kim! I remember seeing this episode, she just looked good. Loved her makeup and hair. You did a great job doing her look, you look stunning.


MadeByJulietta said...

nice pictures but wheres your pictures of ur makeup demonstration ;);)


Dani*LaLa said...

Love the look most definitely going to have to try this out for myself


Shayla said...

@Evelyn Thank a ton girl!

@Vintage Makeup haha no one has told I've look like her before. I've gotten Jordan sparks and Vanessa Hudgens a lot tho lol.

@Ali Thank you! Thanks for always reading and being kind! hahaha

@EveryDay Makeup blog Thanks reading! and Thanks for following back! Love you blog xo

@xo $ARMIN I love her makeup and style! Thank you :D

@MadeByJulietta sorry girl I thought they showed well enough :/ Thanks for reading! xo

@Dani*LaLa Give it a try and let me know! take care girl! xo

Nida K said...

Thanks for stopping by & commenting babe! Love this look so much. I love Revlon's soft nude but I always end up with cracked lips and it looks absurd on me then! And tips you can give me? You have such pretty lips :):) I have dark pigmented lips FYI!


TheeFknGoddess said...

haha thats when she recorded that HORRIBLE song lol

But you look pretty and you have nice hair! :)


Shayla said...

@TheeFknGoddess omg! I totally agree! I seriously couldn't finish listening to it :S but anyways, Thanks!!

patukiii said...

You Look stunning hun!

Shayla said...

@patukiii Thanks girl!! and thanks for the follow♥

Ivy-Lee said...

Wow, you look a bit like Kim!
Are you Native American??
I'm half vietnamese haha just sharing :P
You are very pretty!

Shayla said...

@Ivy-Lee OMG! I'm serious when I tell you this, You are the 2nd person in my whole entire life to ask if I was Native American! I am Native American! My father is Caucasian and my mother is Navajo. I get asked if I am Hispanic more than anything. Not even other Navajo's know that I am Navajo lol. But anyway I looked on your profile and your are so pretty! now that you say you're half Vietnamese I can see it. Personally I don't think I look like Kim tho. I guess it's a compliment because I think she is gorgeous! Sorry for the novel! Thanks for reading!!

Ivy-Lee said...

No, that is very interesting! Mixed cultures are the best! EG:Alexis Jordan-that young singer-is Native American but with many other cultures too! I sorta got the hint with the title of your blog too, but not completely sure.
Thanks for following. =)

Shayla said...

I agree, mixed cultures are very interesting. Wow I didn't know she was Native American! Lol yes I thought it would be kinda obvious people would know I am Native that way but people still ask if I am Hispanic lol. Of course! Love your blog xo

humtv said...
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