Feb 13, 2012

Life: Random pics

Hey ladies! 
If you have me on Facebook you probably see most of these pics everyday lol. I just figured I would share some with you guys to see what i'm up too :)
My son and I actin bad hahahaha
 Here's two of my baby girl! I haven't shown any pictures of her for a while. She's a year old now :)
Me and dresses up as the Maid of Honor at my best friends wedding this past Saturday! (Yes I cried)
Me dressed up for my besties Bachelorette party :)
Some Steve Madens I fell in love with!

Well Thats just what I could find in my camera roll that I thought were interesting hehe. 
Take care girls!

XOXO Shayla


Jennifer said...

Love the first pic OMG

Shayla said...

Thanks Jennifer! hahaha ya I love this pic idk that he was making the same face XD

Ivanna said...

Awww such a cute baby

Ivanna said...

LOL yes that first pic!


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