Aug 4, 2011

Review: Beauty Angel Cosmetics! -Purple Special Addition Makeup Kit

Hey girls!!! Once again... I am so sorry for being MIA!!! Just be patient with me hehe. 

Anyways today I have a review for you guys!!! 
I am reviewing a new product from 
They were kind enough to send me Beauty Angels Cosmetics new product Special Addition Makeup Kit in Purple. Here is the product link:

When I got it in the mail it was damage free, wrapped in bubble wrap multiple times, and absolutely nothing was broke!  
 It has a cute cover made to look like the front of a magazine :)

 I thought it was going to be larger and I think it was because the front is supposed to look like a cover of a magazine and magazines are usually larger.

The inside cover tells you how to apply your eye shadow to define your eyes and the other side holds the 12 shadows and 2 blushes. It also comes with a 2 sided brush and a small mirror at the bottom. 

 The back of the kit shows the other makeup kit colors; Green, Blue and Gold other than purple. It also reads the ingredients. 

 Here's a close up on some shadows and blushes

I didn't swatch them all but here is a close up on one of the purples. 

I usually like to use the product for 2 weeks before doing a review on it just to make sure I have a full opinion :)
First, I just want to say all of the shadows are shimmer! So if you don't like shimmer shadows, stear clear!  I personally don't mind them but I tend to go for more mattes with a small amount of shimmer. 
This kit is labeled as 'Purple' but it only has 3 purple if you consider maroon a purple :P I guess I was just expecting a full palette of purples. The rest of the colors are on the cooler side and go well with the shades of purples it has. Pretty much all of the shadows are pigmented especially the silvers and purples, but the lighter colors are not so much. 
The blushes are soft and satiny and are super pigmented!! I love the light peachy one but the other is a bright pink and I think would go well with more editorial looks.
The brush has a sponge on one end and hard bristles on the other so I probably won't be using it as much :/ but if you love the sponges then go for it!

Pros: Comes with 12 beautiful shimmer shades, has 2 pretty pigmented blushes, comes in a cute compact 'magazine'  with magnets to help it it keep closed securely, has a reasonable sized mirror for your eye makeup, and a reasonable price.

Cons: Not a lot of purple shades, lighter shades are not as pigmented as the darker ones, brush is not the best quality, no warm shades.

Would I recommend it??? Yes. What I recommend about it though is the colors and how pigmented they are, but not about the color 'purple'. It is also such a cute look to it, it looks like a magazine!

Here's a vid. on an eye look I did using the few purples it had. 
Hope you enjoy :)


Curves ahead makeup said...

Love it looks great !!!

Shayla said...

Thanks girl!! :D

Jacenda ♥ said...

Great review! I enjoyed this also...I agree, I wish there were more purples, but the colors are really pretty! :)

G A B Y said...

I've heard about this palette, the blushes look gorgeous!

Dani*LaLa said...

I love the way they made the product look like a magazine and loved your review

Shayla said...

@jacenda I know the colors are gorgeous :) I found my self using them a lot this week!
@gaby ughh yes I know! They are soo soft aand almost creamy. I have been using the lighter one a lot as well
@dani isnt it cute? Thanks girl! Hope all is well!


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