Feb 12, 2011

*Haul*Old Navy

A few days ago my hubby and I went to Old Navy to check out what they had. I got a few things for myself pretty cheap.

 I got this cute black bag on sale for only $13.49! It's pretty big inside so I can carry baby things around and has cute pockets on the outside I can store other things in.
 Another thing I grabbed were these flats. They're a grayish taupe color with silver, round studs on them. I got these for $22.50
 Then I got this black and white striped scarf for only $10.00 dollars!
 They also had this really cheap sale on kids clothes, most of the prices were $6 dollars to $10. Out of a few things here's some jeans I got for my son and I got my daughter some outfits for the summer. I'm not sure if the sale is still going but they have some pretty cute things there!

Hope you all enjoyed!


Ms. Nik said...

I love old Navy! Those little white shorts for the baby are adorable thats my number one place to shop for the kids

Dani*LaLa said...

That sounds like my pretty cheap find of the week I found a jessica simpson purse that's huge which is perfect since I carry it around as a diaper bag =) from 54.80 to 13.49 gotta love clearance

Bruna said...

Cute things you got over there!

K-WilliamsFamily said...

Cute! I loved or loved going to Old Navy. Not just for me but for the kids, too! It's amazing how much you can save there!

Shayla said...

@Dani*LaLa wow that is a cheap find!

@Auntie I remember when you would take me shopping there!


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